Between Two Truths exhibition

This is the inaugural exhibition of Photography at the new Smokehouse Gallery based inside Forman & Son’s salmon smokehouse on Hackney Wick’s Fish Island. This is the centre of the capitals largest and fastest growing artistic community on the edge of the rapidly changing 2012 Olympic site. Opening on Thursday 6th May, and curated by Matthew Booth, this exhibition brings together strands of photography by Artists who are dealing with its elemental nature:- Light, Darkness, Shadows, Details, Focus, and the Illusion of Space – a new movement which is returning to the essence and origins of photography.

In contrast to Photography’s ability to accurately describe a 3-dimensional space, this show exploits the photographs’ capacity to foreshorten distance and draw attention to the material nature of the photograph, as an object, as an emotive experience, as deception and not as a documentation of space and time. The interest in how we view the world, our literal or figurative perspective in recording a reflection on reality, or how we consider the viewer’s gaze are all Postmodern concerns, but are also allied to the origins of photography, where people were recording their existence for posterity. Between Two Truths displays work that is not merely about recording our existence, but highlights something other than that which is apparent through normal sight. Time, light, depth, are all principal considerations within the realities created by the photographers. There will be Photographs by Tim Soar, Roy Mehta, Emma Critchley, Stuart Bailes, Louise O’Kelly and Matthew Booth as well as food and drink served from Formans Restaurant.

“In thinking about photography, I think about the depiction of reality and its picture, the materiality of this picture and the context in which a viewer might encounter it. Beauty, intrigue, the illusory quality of the photographic image and the capacity to crystallise a time in light are for me the curatorial factors that bring these works together.”

Matthew Booth MA RCA, Curator and contributing Artist