Disappearing Moon, Genevieve Chua & Emma Critchley


‘Disappearing Moon’ celebrates the collaboration between artists Genevieve Chua (Singaporean) and Emma Critchley (Briton) under an artist-in-residence exchange programme organised by the Singapore International Foundation and the British Council in order to promote understanding and bridge communities. The exhibition features collaborative works in addition to new solo works conceptualised during their respective residences in Singapore and London. The exhibition was shown in Singapore at the Institute of Contemporary Arts earlier this year, and with the additional facilitation of Yeo Workshop, will be exhibited in London at the prestigious Asia House. Curated by Tolla Sloane with Sam I-shan for AiRx 2012.

The central collaborative work is a set of digital montages titled ‘Disappearing Moon,’ which lends itself to the title of this exhibition. The artists photographed the moonrise and moonset on the same night in Singapore and the UK, conducting observation studies in the two separate environments. Through their explorations of ambivalent spaces and shifting qualities of light, the work raises questions of representation and communication.

Venue: Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP

Exhibition: 8 – 31 March 2013

Hours: 11am – 6pm, Wed – Saturday (except 1.30-2.30pm)

Artist Talk: Daniel Blight, 8 March 2013 at 7pm

(The exhibition will be open this evening until 8.30pm)

Supporters: Give Art Space (Programme & Curatorial support), La Salle College of the Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Royal College of Art, Mint, New Majestic Hotel, Town Hall Hotel & Condominiums, Korla, Ace Framing Gallery, Globe Apartments

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