Barbican screening: Figuring Bodies of Water

Fantastic to have been part of this screening curated by Alona Pardo.

Figuring Bodies of Water (PG)

Outdoor Cinema

Thu 25 Aug 2022, 20:30 ,Sculpture Court

Dive into a curated selection of films exploring our relationship to water through contemporary artists and filmmakers, including Susan Schuppli, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Tabita Rezaire and more.

Water is the element that, more than any other, ties human beings to the world around them – from the oceans that surround us, to the water that makes up most of our bodies. Exploring the cultural and philosophical implications of this, Figuring Bodies of Water considers the connection between our watery world and the (post)human body.

Through film, the evening takes a look at ideas around queer ecologies, investigating how hermaphroditic, transgender, and gender-swapping aquatic life constantly shift sexual gears to adapt to human environmental irresponsibility; the ‘right to be cold’ in a world of disappearing sea ice; and the power of water as a conductive interface for communication.


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