UNFOLD selected for Tenderflix

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Tenderflix is an international experimental film and video competition organised by Tenderpixel. In its 9th year in 2016 we received over 350 submissions for the theme, Better Living. Originally related to the design field, this notion genuinely echoes a wider strive to imagine better structures for building all aspects of our lives – most importantly in terms of aesthetics, economics and social relations.

The shortlisted 11 films will be screened on 25 November 2016 at The Horse Hospital in London, where the winner of the competition will be announced and given the £1000 cash prize.

Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock
Dagmar Schürrer, I Want To Be Like You
Alyona Larionova, Across Lips
Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleuriot, Plasma Vista
Lidija Kononenko, Intimacy in Four Acts: A Conversation with a Friend
Evy Jokhova, A House for a Mouse
Jeremy Hutchison, i-
Natalia Skobeeva, Lewis Carroll Meets Godzilla
Emma Critchley & Gail Jenkinson, Unfold
Gary Zhexi Zhang, lacoste1
The School of the Event Horizon (Steven Ounanian, Kate Pickering, Emily Rosamond), Triple Bottom Line

Josephine Curtis, executive producer of Liberation Films
Etan Ilfeld, founder of Tenderpixel Gallery
Lawrence Lek, artist and winner of the 2015 Tenderflix Prize

The Tenderflix Prize is generously supported by the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation.


New film installation: ‘The Water Sinks Down with Them’ opens next week

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TWSWT_3In conjunction with Opera North’s epic presentation of Wagner’s complete Ring Cycle, a new sound and film installation The Water Sinks Down with Them by artist Emma Critchley comes to Leeds Central Library from Monday 16 to Thursday 26 May.

The installation will accompany Opera North’s Ring cycle on tour to:

Admission at all venues is free, with no booking required

Emma Critchley takes her inspiration from the opening bars of Wagner’s 16-hour epic, beginning where the composer began with the primeval energy of the River Rhine: ‘The fact that the Ring starts and ends in water is central to my response with this work. It’s an exploration of this Wagnerian idea of a pre-existing cosmos in which human consciousness takes form. The water is primordial and evokes an expansive sense of time, before and after our own existence. Through the film a timeless, ever-changing space unfolds that seems at times colossal, at others microscopic.’

Sound designer Nicolas Becker, who has worked with filmmakers including Roman Polanski and David Cronenberg, and received his second Golden Reel award for his work on Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, has been collaborating with the artist. A recording of Opera North’s Rhinemaidens – the first and the last characters seen in the four-opera cycle – will form basis of the soundscape. “It’s inspired by the opening bars of Das Rheingold that evolve into the first sung word, which is Wagner’s metaphor for the evolution of consciousness” says Critchley.

The artist, a qualified commercial diver whose fascination with the submarine world can be seen throughout her work in photography and film, admits that she is a newcomer to the music of Wagner: ‘It’s been a steep learning curve – I spent Christmas getting to grips with recordings of the cycle and the libretto translations, and reading around the myths and the philosophy that fed into Wagner’s work.’

She cites Ludwig Feuerbach, the German philosopher and contemporary of Wagner, as an influence on the new installation. Feuerbach’s belief in the supremacy of nature, which ‘has no beginning and no end’ and ‘is at once effects and cause, acting and reacting on all sides’, was taken up passionately by Wagner as he wrote the Ring, and in an early draft the cycle concludes with the so-called ‘Feuerbach ending’.

The Water Sinks Down with Them is part of an extensive programme of special events and commissions, including talks, film screenings, live broadcasts and family workshops, in celebration of Opera North’s performance of six complete cycles of the Ring in cities across the country this summer.

Emma Critchley will give an informal artist’s talk in the exhibition space on Tuesday 17 May from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Admission is free and no booking is necessary, but space is limited so early arrival is recommended.


Installation Photos from UK/RAINE exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

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The Firtash Foundation and Saatchi Gallery present UK/RAINE, an exhibition of emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine as part of the Days of Ukraine in the UK festival. 24th November 2015 – 3rd January 2016

Installation photos of ‘In our blood’ screening by Shaun Vincent and Emma Wilcox

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Installation photos from In our blood screening at SALT: Sea & the Environment festival in Folkestone


Screening of ‘In our blood’

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IMG_6869 E.Critchley screening TTT-25 E.Critchley screening TTT-26

Photos from the screening of ‘In our blood’, a newly commissioned film as part of the Home residency project


Photos courtesy of Jay Pay


At the Still Point of the Turning World: Last few days of Chelsea installation

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IMG_1953_2 IMG_1955 IMG_1970 IMG_2000 IMG_2031

The Morgue Gallery, Chelsea College of Art: 6-19 February

John Islip Street (Atterbury Street Entrance), London, SW1P 4JU



Solo exhibition opening on Thursday at Cabin Gallery

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Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 08.22.27

CABIN gallery is delighted to announce At The Still Point Of The Turning World, a solo exhibition of photographs and video installation by Emma Critchley.
In water, not only are shape and form suspended, but so is time. Words, limbs and breath float in an eternal present moment, neither past nor future, neither moving nor completely still. They are caught literally mid-breath, confronting the viewer with the ephemeral and ethereal nature of time. 

The effect is one of a world made up of shadows, sunlight refracted and metamorphosed as it travels through the density of water, imbuing everything with blue light. Here, we are presented with another world – one in which sound and movement are warped, and everything is on pause. “For me being in water evokes a sense of time that is different to how we usually think and experience it. I am interested in the heterogeneous nature of time,” explains Critchley. “Underwater there is a sense that time decelerates; the density of the space means one has to physically slow down and adjust how you move, which has a psychological impact.” It also reminds her of the temporality of being human, as one’s existence under water is dependent on how long a breath can be held for. “Our existence in this space is a suspended moment between in-breath and out, yet it is a state that can only ever be transitory, as it is dictated by our bodily limits,” she explains. “It is an experience that is very much focused on the present moment, which allows a certain detachment from the everyday.”
The exhibition also includes a concurrent off-site screening of Critchley’s video installation You at the Chelsea College of Art. Critchley has worked with film and video for the past five years. The shift to working with moving image was a natural one, happening gradually as her work became more temporal; at the time focusing on the breath and duration. In You, she depicts the struggles of an internal battle, the densely silent underwater environment acting as a metaphor for an internal space – one in which both viewer and subject are caught in an eternal present moment. There is a sense of being out of sync with the world, as the thick liquidity of the space resists the impact of the central figure’s throws.
CABIN gallery, 11 Brookwood Road, SW18 5BL
The Morgue, Chelsea College of Art, 16 John Islip Street, SW1P 4JU

Cabin Gallery Opening Hours: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10-6pm. Or by appointment
020 7112 8838

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